If it is summer, you may expect a crowd waiting to embark heading to their next destination or returning home from a vacation.

Amongst crowd of people, thirsty and exhausted from the Croatian sun, waiting on a ferry, there stands Lucki.

Lucki is a cat, male cat. If name could be translated from Croatian, it would be something like PORTY , cat from the port.

But Lucki is not an ordinary island cat, living in the narrow streets of island and chasing local fishermen for a free meal. Lucki is an icon of the island and all locals (and some foreigners) know him very well.

Lucki, black and white cat is a famous traveler and regular passenger on a local ferry liner that is connecting island of Vis and port of Split. Many times Lucki embarked the ferry, crew already knows him very well, he would take a round trip and returned back home on Vis. Just to have a clear, picture, round trip takes more than a half day, but Lucki enjoyed every moment.

There will be no plot to this story that Lucki did not, either on purpose or by mistake (only he would know) missed his favorite ferry and embarked on a cargo vessel and instead of Split, Lucki disembarked in Kastela ( cargo port near Split ).

Local inhabitants noticed that Lucki was missing. The whole island rise and started an extensive search operation for Lucki.

The news quickly reached media and citizens of Split have engaged, too.

Also, during the investigation, it became possible that Lucki embarked a cargo ship instead of his ferry, as he usually does.

Search assistance was provided from local animal shelters in Kastela who started a Facebook campaign for Lucki.

Days were passing but there was no sign of Lucki…

But Vis did not lose hope and awaited their fluffy neighbor patiently. There was no soul in Croatia that did not know a story of Lucki. News reached even national TV.

Finally, after extensive Facebook campaign, Lucki was found exactly in Kastela and assumption that he embarked a cargo ship was accurate!

Cat has been transported from Split back home to Vis, by his favorite and well known ferry. Crew members served Lucki with a delicious meal so he can enjoy his trip like a real guest! And indeed, that day he was a guest of honor.

On the island of Vis, locals gathered in port, waiting for ferry from Split to welcome their Lucki back!

Be curios but safe, your Internavis Ltd.!


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