✔️DID YOU KNOW that average cost to ship a bicycle by a container vessel is 10 USD?
✔️DID YOU KNOW that container of 18000 TEUs can carry approx. 745 000 000 bananas?
✔️DID YOU KNOW that a truck driver invented the first container vessel? Yes, that’s true!

His name was Malcolm P. McLean and in the 1955. he had a revolutionary idea how to transport goods cost effectively and bought an oil tanker from WWII, Portero Hills and converted her into container vessel: MV IDEAL X.
Her maiden voyage took place from Newark to Houston in 1956. carrying 58 containers & 15.000t of petroleum.
McLean soon started a shipowning company “SeaLand” and remained in shipping industry.

Brilliant idea of an individual changed global trade forever.


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